Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fitness in Room 3

In Room 3, we participate in some type of fitness every 15 minutes or so. This is to keep our bodies moving and our brains refreshed. Sometimes we play a game outside e.g.

  • Sneak up Granny
  • Rob the Nest
  • Here, there, and everywhere
  • Octopus
...and sometimes we play a game inside e.g.

  • Red elbow
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • Simon Says
  • Heads down thumbs up etc.
Our favourite fitness activity in Room 3 so far seems to be dancing. We use the Go Noodle website to help us. First you sign up and choose a monster. The children then participate in 10 dances in order to make the monster grow. Once the monster has danced 10 times and grown his muscles, he maxes out that level and the children get to choose a new monster to dance with. It is very motivating and exciting! So far, Room 3 have participated in 270 minutes of dancing this term! That is a lot of dancing!

You can sign up at home for free! Give it a try. It will give your child (and you perhaps) endless hours of fun and they don't even realise they're exercising! Keep up the great work Room 3.


  1. Fit for the kids

  2. Play and physical activity are the best for our kids learning and development! Well done Room 3 and Miss Ashworth!