Thursday, March 17, 2016

Baking Chocolate Cake

This morning Room 3 baked a chocolate cake. We were learning why it is important to learn how to read, and we were also learning how to follow instructions in the correct order. We had lots of fun and the cake was delicious!

Jacob pouring the cake mix into the bowl

Aaliyah very carefully cracking an egg

Te Raina adding the milk

Jackson stirring the mixture

Jackson using the electric beater - we all had a turn with the beater! Very exciting

Triston's turn



Anaru adding the mixture into the tin

Hayley spreading the icing

The final product!!!


  1. That cake looks delicious. Brooklyn says it tasted soo good!

  2. It was amazing! Especially for a Gluten Free cake! Thanks for having a look at our blog =)

  3. Saravpreet said, "it was very yummy."

  4. Te Raina said - now i can make a cake at home for mummy =)