Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Baking Biscuits for Letter 'B' day!

Today in Room 3 we became bakers! Our letter of the day was 'b'. We learnt how to identify the letter, how to write the letter, what sound it makes, and some words beginning with 'b'. We also learnt what a recipe is, and that it has important steps that we need to follow in the correct order. The children loved baking biscuits and especially loved eating them!

Aaliyah adding the biscuit mix to the make shift bowl

Kaden and Miss Ashworth trying to crack the egg into the bowl (most of it landed on the table haha)

Payten adding the melted butter

Everybody had a turn mixing the biscuit dough, rolling their biscuit, and then pushing 5 mnm's
into their biscuit.

Kainoa proud of the team's results!
Well done Room 3!

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